BOSIE is a unisex fast Fashion designer brand founded in 2018. The products are born in the collision of inspiration of our designers who graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, New York Fashion Institute, Parsons School of Design, and Marangoni Fashion Institute.

The theme of BOSIE is unisex, exploring the fashion clothes suitable for both male and female. We hope to break the bound and chain of routine through the retro and chic fashion style that will show adults' the innocence, seriousness, freedom and romance exclusive.

2020WINTER《Nobody Knows》《The sound lab》

In the hope of finding friends who share our goal, bosie has found four partners with beautiful names. The naive and brave Little Prince, the warm and sunny Natsume, the shy and kind Jimi,and the “Loyal Brave True” Mulan. We have decided to sell the chemistry of summer together. With more friends on the way, bosie will have a wider playground.


A sub-brand of bosie, BLACK is an experimental and wearable interpretation of “Bad Lab And Cold Kids”. It discusses the possibility of unisex culture in multiple ways, and injects elements of rebellion and fun into the modern lab.

2020WINTER《Found in Nature》

An environment-friendly sub-brand of Bosie, BLUE explores the relationship between nature and human beings as equals, who respect and care for each other. Following the principle of green materials, green production process, and corporate social responsibility, BLUE insists on the use of green materials and reuse of inventory materials, low-pollution production process, and renewable green products.

2020WINTER《Love simon》

A sub-brand of unisex Bosie, GRAY is distinguished from Bosie’s romantic juvenilism. GRAY makes the products less sweet and hot, focusing on the youth culture of the new generation, which is more sharp and sober. Through calm, serious, focused, and deep thinking and exploration, it aims to build a spiritual fortress in the skeletal reality. Through diverse ways of presentation such as products, activities, video recording, and physical display, GRAY conveys reflections of the reality as well as envisioning of the future.

2020WINTER《Mythical Dryland》

The traditional concept of art and visual senses would be upside down with the virtual world into reality. Purple will show that the discovery of supernatural power and the mystery of the universe that means the fashion clothes would as a carrier that carrying future, science fantasy, the unknown element of super generational into the fashion design. Fashion design will enliven people's lives in a humorous style. 

Dynamic, advanced, and comprehensive are keywords for the Purple series. Purple will break the borders between visual and reality for the more inclusive world ideology that will design the sports fashion collection, which rich colors and tensile patterns, for the next-generation customer.

2020WINTER《Back to the Future》